Our Work


Leadership Development

REACH is dedicated to developing the leaders of today and tomorrow. We conduct a variety of programming designed to prepare community members to step into leadership roles, with a special focus on community leadership and running for office. We also encourage members to take on leadership positions within REACH to strengthen our work and build their skills as leaders.

Environmental Justice

With the help of research partners like the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins University, REACH works to empower community members to conduct citizen science to ensure ordinary people will not only participate in complex decision-making, but will develop the confidence to hold individuals and institutions accountable when they are not serving their community.

Education and Awareness

Educating our members and partners about what is going on in our communities, towns, state, and nation empowers them to be outspoken about issues — and to assert themselves in the political systems that determine policies that affect their lives. Through regular meetings with our members, we share information about our research, relevant current and community events, and more.

REACH also collaborates with school systems to introduce middle school students to environmental justice and community-based research through presentations, field trips, and laboratory demonstrations of air and water quality monitoring methods.

Building Coalitions

We know that we’re strongest when we work with diverse communities and organizations to advance our collective goals. Some of our partners include:



  • Guilford College

  • NC A&T State University

  • North Carolina State University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • NC Department of Environmental Quality

  • United States Department of Agriculture